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Thank God it’s over!!!

Posted by Jason on November 5, 2008

This is the most politically interested I’ve been in my short voting life. Obama, CA Prop. 8, and my mega-democrat wife have all hyped me up enough to check polls daily, watch every debate, read fact-check articles, and even talk to my parents about politics. Heck, I even gave a second thought when wifey asked if I wanted an Obama t-shirt! (I said no, BTW…I’ll support a candidate by voting for him/her).

However, these last few weeks have been like politically puking after running so much it makes you puke (I’ve never done that but I can imagine). I’m so tired of the back and forth BS between sides, all the attacking, the lies. According to the fact checking sites launched by the so-called evil liberal media, everybody feeds us long lines of bull, even Obama. Here in California, people are stealing election signs while others are putting dog crap, Vaseline, and other nasty stuff on their own yard signs to prevent that theft. Supporters and opponents of measures are literally, physically beating each other with their signs and viewpoints.

I’m quickly reverting back to my old apolitical self (CNN plays electoral coverage as I type =). I cringe when I get emails from my own teacher’s union decrying the sneaky tactics of the “evil” district ogres. I secretly resent my sadly uninformed middle schoolers when they regurgitate their parents ignorant views. Financial crisis, schminancial crisis–give me some whackjob morning dj’s instead of NPR. I need to take a political nap for a while…

Sleep tight, political me. It’s been real.


One Response to “Thank God it’s over!!!”

  1. Aunt Mary said

    Jason ~ I had no idea you started a blog (I wondered why you seemed to never be on MySpace!) … I’m impressed, you really do have an eloquent writing style ~ may be a genetic thing, along with ‘Tucker Humor’ and several other family gifts of talent & curses too, unfortunately (speaking from my own experience) 😦

    I do understand what you’re saying in this blog ~ honestly, I’ve never been politically motivated AT ALL until this year! I don’t know why, but I kept staring at Grandpa’s story that he wrote for all of our families ~ sort of like a memoir ~ and I finally picked it up and read it again, and wow! It really hit me how much they’ve been through in their lifetime. Tom Brokaw’s 1998 book ‘The Greatest Generation’ specifically details their generation, and it really struck me how blessed we really are in this country. I wish all of you kids could have heard the stories passed down to us by Uncle John, Aunt Sarah, and all the rest of them. They used to bore me to tears with repeated versions on a regular basis ~ but now it brings me to tears to have forgotten them, and to have no way of ever hearing them again. I’m trying to get Grandma to write her own memoir (or record it), as she has so many amazing stories too! Anyway, that is what motivated my participation in this election, and I’m looking forward to doing so on a regular basis from now on (sorry for all the MySpace bulletins ~ I wish there was a way to select which friends to send them to instead of everyone). We have too much to lose to not be involved, and this year was a real wake-up call for me. For the first time in my life I feel inspired, and like I can really make a difference in being the link between ‘The Greatest Generation’ and those behind mine.

    But I totally get the political nap thing ~ I took one of those yesterday!

    Keep up the great work ~ again, I really enjoy reading your blog, and will stop by on a regular basis!

    I have one too at http://mzmaryt64.blogtownhall.com.

    Please keep in touch ~ oh, and I also need your address, as I have something to send you!

    God bless you kiddo,

    ~ Aunt Mary ~

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