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Obama Parent-Teacher Conferences

Posted by Jason on November 7, 2008


Obama and Michelle

I just saw this picture on CNN.com of Obama and his wife talking, and the caption was “President-elect Obama talks to his wife, Michelle, after a parent-teacher conference.”

What kind of parent would the president-elect be in a parent-teacher conference? Is he all up in the teacher’s grill, taking his children’s side at any cost? Or does he try to work together with the teacher and crack down if his kids need it? Maybe the first-children-elect(s) (is that the right terminology at this point in time?) are just perfect and the teacher says what I say to the good parents that come in: “Mr. President-elect, sorry I don’t have anything to tell you about your children, I couldn’t even make up anything bad to say!” 

And then conferences would be over. I wonder if any teachers would have the huevos to tell the Obamas if their kids were presidential pains in the butt?


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