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My new favorite TV show…

Posted by Jason on November 10, 2008

…is “Destroyed in Seconds” on the Discovery Channel. It’s brilliant, finally a show that only has the stuff that we really want to see: straight up destruction. It’s even better with a frosty adult beverage or four. Why do people go to car races? The crashes. Why do people watch football or hockey? The hits and the fights.

Another great thing is that, for all the insane carnage that happens on this show, there are relatively few people that actually die in the accidents. I’m amazed that more people don’t perish in these awful failures of foresight and engineering. Humans create these monstrous things upon the Earth, and when stuff goes totally wrong, you would expect hundreds of people to die. For all of our human stupidity, we are relatively harmless to ourselves. I can’t say the same for the effect we have on our surroundings…

The announcer is horribly melodramatic, but that adds to the humor. Because there aren’t that many people dying, I don’t feel bad about laughing hysterically at this show.

So pop open a few cold ones and watch some crazy stuff get completely obliterated!



One Response to “My new favorite TV show…”

  1. Kelli said

    Hahaha! I just dicovered “Storm Chasers” this weekend. Gotta love that Discovery Channel!!

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