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Meet my trees!

Posted by Jason on November 14, 2008

Here they are! As you can see, most of them are in very early stages of training. You’ve already met a couple of them in other bonsai posts. Here goes!

This is Little Ollie, my first olive tree that I got from my first beginner bonsai class. Hopefully within like 10 years the wound on his right side will heal. He has been in his pot since August, 08.

Little Ollie

Little Ollie

This is Nano, the juniperus procumbens nana, and I bought him at a nursery center when I knew nothing about bonsai. I think this was actually my first purchase, but this is kind of my red-headed step-tree and I don’t know what I’m going to do with him. Nano qualifies for “stick in a pot” status.



Next comes Pine Doe. I won this little dude in a club raffle, and I have absolutely no clue what species he is. However, Pine Doe has very good taper up toward his apex, but not a lot of flare at the base.

Pine Doe

Pine Doe

Pepe, the San Jose Juniper, is our next victim. I’ve been working on him in my second beginner class. I just potted him in early November 08, and he’s kinda wild.

Black Background w/ flash

Pepe, the San Jose Juniper

Big Ollie is another olive tree that I bought from a nursery store. I chopped him down quite a bit in the first few days after I bought him. Big Ollie is recovering quite well, and that means he’s due for another big chop in late winter.

After His 1st Haircut

Big Ollie

And now my prized tree, Oakie…well, not like he’s won any prizes, but he’s the biggest and most expensive tree in my little clan. He’s a Coast Live Oak (quercus agrifolia), one of the most majestic trees that are native to my great state. Oakie has been recovering quite well from his previous amputations (see an earlier post), as can be seen by numerous leaves and buds popping up all over his trunk.



Well, there’s the family. I have some twin Sycamore trees that are in the works, so I’ll post some pics once I get them split into their own pots. For now, though, I would love to know which tree you all like the best.


PS I know the names are totally corny, but whatever…


3 Responses to “Meet my trees!”

  1. kktucks said

    while i think pepe looks the purtiest, little ollie will also have a special place in my heart. oakie used to be my favorite until you butchered him 😦 now, i just like his moss.

  2. Kel said

    That is cool! I didn’t know you had more than one tree!

    Do they survive in CO??

  3. Jason said

    Most will survive pretty well in CO, provided I give them some sort of winter protection for those that can’t stand up to that kind of temperature. Believe it or not, some people put mulch down and then bury the little babies in snow to insulate them from the coldest of the temperatures!

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