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UPDATE: Bonsai, Coast Live Oak

Posted by Jason on November 19, 2008

So my wonderful Oakie started out like this from the Kuma Bonsai Nursery in Lakeside, CA. I got it for a great price by the way, with some free advice thrown in;-)

Pre-Chop Status

Pre-Chop Status

Then I gave him a whack with my trusty saw and now he looks like this:

Freshly Butched

Freshly Butched

Now, 3 weeks later, check out all of the progress he’s made! TA-DAAAA!!! I was a little worried since a bonsaiTALK master said he wouldn’t have done as crazy of a chop at this time of year, but he’s in Northern California and things are a bit different.


3 weeks later

3 weeks later

So I’ll let all those new leaves grow out for a while -which will fatten the trunk as well- then I’ll cut off or cut back the ones that I don’t want. I still haven’t made any big style decisions, but that will come later.

All over the trunk!

All over the trunk!


2 Responses to “UPDATE: Bonsai, Coast Live Oak”

  1. kktucks said

    you should post some of the cool sunset photos i took of these leaves!

  2. Kelli said

    So you can use any type of tree to shape? I thought bansai trees were a special species? Or maybe I missed you explaining that in another post? This stuff is so intresting! Thanks for educating me. You are a great blogger, by the way!

    Oakie is looking GOOD! 🙂

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