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Book/Story Idea

Posted by Jason on November 20, 2008

An aspiring blogger, frustrated with the lack of traffic on her site, decides to take a different approach to creating a successful blog. She starts a new domain and creates an advice column in which she takes emails from devoted readers that need some help with whatever ails them. The only problem is that she has no devoted readers…so she makes them up. One thing leads to another and eventually this lady becomes an internet superstar. Video and audio are added to the site and our heroine is inundated with thousands of emails every day asking for advice and courting her to be a guest-columnist for this or that.

Then some people find out that her entire site is based on a sham. It’s no help that her guilt has been eating at her ever since her site became wildly successful. A large part of her story is based upon the conflict between her desire for fame and her striving to be a good and truthful person that she advises her minions to be. The ending could be any of several, including her suicide, her admission of falsehood, or her passing the secret down to the next leader of the false advice column…

Eh that third ending is kinda like a book by a well-known Spanish author. I thought about telling you all which one but I would hate to spoil it. Anyway, one could hang all kinds of ornaments like intrigue, murder, mafia, religion, etc. onto this idea.

Maybe I’ll roll with it…or maybe someone will steal it. It’s all good.


2 Responses to “Book/Story Idea”

  1. Mark said

    Go for it! Nothing to lose, eh?


  2. Kelli said

    That is so funny! That must have kept her really busy! Could you imagine emailing yourself THAT many times? Wish I had that much free time on my hands…

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