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Will Blog Revenues Ever Reach a Critical Mass like Amway?

Posted by Jason on November 28, 2008

When my wife told me that people actually made money at blogging, I did some research and found that there are many people who are professional bloggers (not just ad-bot type scammers, but real people who write real stuff). Many people make a living, and a decent one at that, from their blogs. Some people pull in up to $9000, that’s right 9K a month!

I don’t understand much about the whole pro-blogging world, but I do get that it’s basically an ad-revenue thing where you get such and such an amount of money per X-number of views on your site. Now, an excellent way to boost traffic (since that’s how you get paid) is through networking sites and linking to other sites in hopes that people link to you, etc. 

It vaguely reminds me of a multi-level-marketing or pyramid scheme or whatever you want to call it, but much more legit and overall way more interesting to me. You link to two people and those two people link to two people, and so on until you go viral. Now I know we have this notion that the internet is unlimited and that it’s as infinite as our universe (which we now know isn’t infinite), but that’s what a lot of people who get sucked into these pyramid schemes think as well. However, after hundreds of levels, the market is so saturated that one can’t possibly hope to make any money because the entire USA is either an Amway distributor or has been asked and already rejected it flatly.

I know that pro-blogging is not a multi-level, pyramid system, but I’m using MLM’s as an example of mathematical market saturation that can occur when too many people go for a sweet gig. Can the blog money be compared to that? If so, how? Is there any bursting bubble in sight?

So my question to the internet/information systems think-tanks (I’m pretty much only a think-tinkle) is this: Is it truly possible for anything to saturate the internet market -specifically blogs and other ad-based revenue streams- to the extent that newbies can never hope to make decent money off of this?

I think and I really hope that the answer is NO. If not an absolute never ever, at least not in the foreseeable future. The rate at which global internet access is expanding, as well as the increased connectivity of existing users, seems to keep the online world ripe with opportunity. I would love to hear someone’s thoughts, especially if you actually know anything about this.


4 Responses to “Will Blog Revenues Ever Reach a Critical Mass like Amway?”

  1. Alan said

    The blog economy may be similar to MLM, but there is a big difference. If your blog happens to stand out, then it will get the traffic and revenues. Thus, a recently launched blog can become much more successful than an old one.

  2. Jason said

    Thanks for the comment, Alan!
    So could it be said that the revenue stream won’t ever dry up for good blogs? Maybe what is happening is that the quality necessary for a blog to bring in that money is getting higher and higher. Yes there is still money out there and there will be money out there for quite a while, but the blogs must get better and better in order to earn any of that money.

  3. Kristen said

    to add on to Alan’s:

    i don’t think that is it the same: if it was, then readers could only be attached to ONE blog. but they’re not. they can be readers (“clients”) of an unlimited number of blogs. Look at you, for example. How many blogs do you browse through when you spend hours every evening on the computer? at least 20, i would say, maybe even up to 50. and when i’m looking at recipe blogs, i can hit up about 20 an hour because it’s quick reading. so that is why it all stems to exactly what Alan pointed out: as long as there is an interest in your subject matter, or even just your sense of humor (or lack of, in some people’s situations–not yours, honey! *bats eyelashes*), then there is still a money well to tap into.

  4. Kristen said

    oh yeah, that and as long as the ad companies paying the money stays in business!

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