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Title FAIL!!!

Posted by Jason on November 29, 2008

I was cruising some blogs and I found this post that some guy in Vermont published about putting up his Christmas tree. There’s nothing bad or funny or weird about the post, but the title reads

“Christmas Tree Erection.”

Seriously? I thought it was a joke and so I clicked on it. But it was a completely legit posting… All I could think of was, “What species is your pinus?” Or I just got a picture of the little angel on top and it was a bad picture. There’s so much we can do with this, people. Feel free to put any other jokes that come to mind in the comment box…


3 Responses to “Title FAIL!!!”

  1. mattbeagle said

    I am glad someone caught this. I guess it was too dry to come off as a pun. The word “long” in there apparently was not enough…

  2. Jason said

    Way to go, Matt! I had a good laugh with it…

  3. Oh, I’m gonna have fun with this when the Christmas tree goes up this year…if I can get the words out without cracking up. Love it!

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