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Mumbai? meh…

Posted by Jason on November 30, 2008

It’s not that I don’t think people getting killed in India is a horrible thing. Violence in the name of religion is always awful and shows us just how horrible and evil humans have the capacity to be. I know that Americans have a tendency to feel fat and happy and insulated from things that don’t happen to us, but this isn’t what I’m feeling right now about this India thing…

It’s more a numbness to all of these terrorist attacks. The news gives a tally of dead soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan pretty much hourly. Daily bombings in Baghdad. Major bombings in London, Madrid, Indonesia. I think the shock and awe is really wearing off. Could it be that the world, including peaceful Muslims is getting tired of the whole terrorism thing? Really, I don’t feel much terror in my life. I’ve stopped giving these whack-jobs the power over my fear. Is the rest of the world doing this, too? I hope so, because then I don’t look like as much of a calloused bastard.

But really, what if we stopped getting so freaked out by this stuff? Would that quell terrorism, taking away its power to cause terror in us? It’s like gangs, but on a global level. If all of the good people in the world got pissed off and fed up enough, we could easily defeat terrorism. In the ghetto neighborhood where I teach, there’s probably only about 10-20% of the population that are involved in the gangs. If all the good people started kicking ass and standing up for themselves, there would be no gang problem. However, they let their fear control them, and the gangs win. 

Here’s a problem with that scenario. Our political machines and media conglomerates will never let that happen. People get elected and people also get rich by using fear to control the masses. “If you don’t vote Republican, the Mexicans will take over…” or “If you don’t vote Democrat, the rich people will exploit you and take more than their fair share…”

So I’m gonna buck the system. I refuse to get scared because of a gang or because of a terror attack in India. I’m tired of this crap…


3 Responses to “Mumbai? meh…”

  1. princess leia said

    THANK you for including peaceful muslims up there 🙂
    Can’t tell u how tired i’m getting of everyone labelling all muslims bad based on what some delirious scumbags do 😦 Frankly these people have NO clue what they’re standing up for…they’re doing something forbidden by religion in the name of religion!! ridiculous!

  2. Kristen said

    you know i’m all about not giving in to fear…but to play devil’s advocate/doubting Thomas: if we didn’t feel “terror” to these situations, didn’t let these situations irk us, wouldn’t that be the same as desensitization? and would desensitizing actually stop the violence? maybe it depends on the purpose of the violence: do these people in question act out in violence to get the reaction of terror, or do they do it to gain power of the world? if we became desensitized to it, and they cared more about the power than the reaction, then wouldn’t that only feed into their power, thus making them more powerful, pretty much handing the world over to them?

    and if we stood up to the gangs (such as in your school’s hood), would we, the majority group, fall into the trap of violence? eg, would we love the violence so much that we ourselves would just become a bigger and more powerful gang? can violence really be stopped with violence? is it human nature to get so caught up in the violence that we let it control our beings? i guess the answer can harken back to the age-old question: are human innately good or evil?

  3. Jason said

    To Kristen:
    I think the main way for violence to subside (that’s been seen throughout history) is either for the majority group to respond with overwhelming force or for the message of the minority group to be undermined so that the following disbands. Think of all the hundreds of revolutions and counterrevolutions around the world. Some revolutions never got off the ground because of lack of organization and popular support… It might be that the violent Muslim extremists are losing the support of moderate and pro-Western Muslims, but there is also plenty of violence that the West is inflicting upon them. It will be interesting to see how the Mumbai situation plays out in the light of faltering popular support paired with violent counter-insurgence…

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