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Bonsai and Healing?

Posted by Jason on December 1, 2008

I saw that somebody reached my blog by searching for “Does bonsai have healing qualities?” in their search engine. I’m not sure how that all worked out but whatever. Since I didn’t talk to this person, I have no way of knowing what they were really looking for. It could be two different things… well, that’s what my imagination came up with. Either the person was looking for any medicinal uses for bonsai trees, or he/she was looking for the spiritual healing because it’s an old Japanese tradition and they are the masters at spiritual healing and stuff, right?

So my answers to both of those questions are YES and NO, not in any specific order. First off, could bonsai be used for medicinal purposes? Well, if you used a species that had medicinal properties like aloe-vera, willow, or something like that, I suppose someone could get a teeny tiny bit of medicine from the teeny tiny tree. But really that’s silly. Bonsai are just trees, people. All different species, all different regions, all different styles. If you were to make an aloe-vera bonsai (why in the hell would you?), why not get a big aloe plant to harvest for medicinal purposes (the more I write “medicinal purposes,” the more I wonder if someone has made a marijuana bonsai…I wouldn’t put it it past some toked-out hippy)?

Second possible version of the question: Are there spiritual health benefits associate with bonsai? I think there are. It’s relaxing for a ton of people, and I personally love to work with plants and see how these things work. I guess this does help me better understand the nature of Creation and how God put all this stuff together, but I definitely don’t get a spiritual high or “mountain-top” experience from working with my bonsai trees. I also don’t feel like I’m “with nature,” either, since bonsai is about the most unnatural eco-system there is. Whether or not it hones my chi or any of that stuff generally associated with Asian philosophy and homeopathic medicine, I have absolutely no clue. I do know that people who are generally more relaxed have less health problems overall, so it could be the chi or the chakras or whatever, but I just call it relaxing.

So does bonsai have healing qualities? Yes and No, directly and indirectly. Yin and Yang, baby.


One Response to “Bonsai and Healing?”

  1. Kristen said

    i’m sure some hippy in OB would love to test the mary jane bonsai out.

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