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Bathroom Dilemma… What would YOU do?

Posted by Jason on December 4, 2008

I went to the bathroom at work today, and noticed a nice shiny nickel right there for my taking. The only problem: it was right there on the bathroom floor, just next to the toilet. I’m not 5 cents richer, but I guarantee someone will be today.

What would you do? What if it were a dime? A penny? A quarter? A dollar? What is your threshold for poopy, pissy money?

**Addendum** 30 minutes later, the nickel was gone…


2 Responses to “Bathroom Dilemma… What would YOU do?”

  1. layrenewal said

    Haven’t you heard of the guy who saw a dime in a urinal? He reached into his pocket and added some more change. When asked what he was doing, he replied, “There’s no way I’d stick my hand in a toilet for only a dime. But for that much money I would!”

  2. Jason said

    HAHA… excellent!

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