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Any former Catholics NOT bitter???

Posted by Jason on December 5, 2008

I read this post this morning and I realized how incredibly bitter this person was about Catholicism. I grew up Catholic and chose a different denomination. However, I don’t feel wronged or lied-to about my spiritual upbringing. I’ve met so many people who are totally pissed at the Catholic church because they decided it was a bunch of crap when they grew up and started thinking on their own.

I believe all denominations that profess that Jesus Christ is Lord and preach faith in that Christ should be called Christian. Each Christian church has some specific way of reaching its parishioners that encourages them to come. The Catholics use a lot of ritual and tradition, which works for a ton of people to have a relationship with Christ. Evangelicals use a lot of excitement and biblical authority, which attracts a different set of worshipers. Some denominations seek a mix of tradition and emotion, and yet others do different things.

Why is everyone so angry at the Catholic church once they leave it? Now I’m not looking for the answers from non-Catholics such as, “Look at all the horrible things they’ve done: the Crusades, killing/converting natives, the Inquisition…” I’m also not interested at hearing about the child abuse unless you were abused by a priest and that’s why you hate the church. I’m really interested in the feelings people have that are so strong that they can’t let go of this acid animosity for Catholicism.

There are people that were raised in the Evangelical tradition that feel like they were too sheltered and such, but many of those people get over it and they move on. For so many people, though, the Catholic church is something that just can’t be gotten over. Why? I’m horribly curious as to what keeps people hating Catholics once they leave the club… Any thoughts, experiences, stories? Comments are welcome.


2 Responses to “Any former Catholics NOT bitter???”

  1. morsec0de said

    I’m not bitter.

    I am now an atheist, but I was brought up a liberal Roman Catholic; was baptized, had first communion and was confirmed. I was a member of the childrens’ and youths’ choirs.

    I am certainly upset about many things the Catholic church is responsible for having done. And even if I became a believer once more, I would not rejoin the church unless they changes certain practices. But I don’t think I’m terribly bitter.

  2. Jason said

    morse, thanks for the comment. I fully understand some disagreements you have with the church. It’s good to see that you’ve thought it out quite a bit and you don’t think you’re life is ruined or anything!
    Thanks for the input!

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