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Friday = Beerday

Posted by Jason on December 5, 2008

Lightning Brewery!

Lightning Brewery!

So I’ve developed a new tradition of hitting up one of the great local breweries we have here in San Diego every Friday on the way home from work. It’s wonderfully convenient and I fill up my growlers in order to refill my week’s supply of brewery-fresh, craft beer.

I must give a shout-out to the brilliant Lightning Brewery in Poway, CA. They’ve been in business a few years and they’re quickly making a name for themselves as a traditional, German-style brewery that doesn’t do the same old, over-hopped California brews, a-la Stone. Currently, Lightning offers 5 different brews for tasting and growler filling at their brewery location: Lightning Kolsch Style Ale, Thunderweizen Ale, Elemental Pilsner, American Amber Ale, and Black Lightning Porter. The Porter is their fall seasonal and it’s excellent. It packs a punch but it’s quite drinkable.

In addition to the great beers, I love Lightning Brewery for their marketing. They offer free beer tasting every Friday and Saturday afternoon. It’s not a place to get trashed and there’s no restaurant or anything, but if you want to buy some great beer, sample some cold ones and talk brewskis with some cool-ass dudes, this is YOUR place. I show up pretty much every Friday around 3:30 or so, and I welcome any of my 3 readers to have a beer with me and my buds.

Check it out:



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