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Hit and Run Driver Walks into a Bar…

Posted by Jason on December 5, 2008

This story has been going on in San Diego for a while now, but the denouement is like something out of a movie.
A drunk driver ran down a bicyclist on the highway and took off. The police and family of the dead man had been looking for the driver for several days and pleading for the public’s assistance.
All of the sudden, as the family is having a candle light vigil at the spot where he was hit, a drunk stumbles into the bar across the street. Mourners outside begin to notice the dents and marks on the drunk dude’s truck and call the police. The guy is arrested for DUI, vehicular manslaughter and a bunch of other charges…

I can’t believe that guy made it out of the bar without getting beat to a pulp! I mean, he kills your family member/friend while driving drunk, and then has the balls to drive back to the bar (drunk again) just across from where he killed someone. I would’ve found him out and beat him, then called the police…

See the story in the local paper here


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