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Do dogs understand drunk-speech?

Posted by Jason on December 7, 2008

So I’ve had a few beers and I take my dogs’ training very seriously.  Do dogs know when their owners are drunk? What if you slur your speech when you command your puppies to “split” or “splay down” or whatever? I’m pretty tough on my dogs, so I think the y read my energy rather than my actual words. 

What happens when the energy that you are projecting is drunk, dumb-ass energy? Does that make your dogs respect you more as pack leader or less? Do dogs think, “Dad’s messed up, we don’t have to listen to him…” or do they think, “Uhoh, dad’s drunk… we better do what he say’s or else he’s going to beat us…” Or do they care? At some point, I think I need to separate dogs from children…

I have no children (and that’s a good thing tonight), but can my dogs notice if I’m drunk or not? Do they know that I see 4 dogs instead of 2 tonight? They’re pretty normal right now… I don’t thing that they suspect that I’m drunk….


One Response to “Do dogs understand drunk-speech?”

  1. some research should be done on Gary Busey’s dogs…that would answer the question

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