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John Madden is drunk?

Posted by Jason on December 7, 2008

I’m well on my way to finishing a full 2-liter growler of wonderful Lighting Brewery beer as I watch several unimportant football games this Sunday. 

Is it just me, or does John Madden sound as drunk as I actually am??? I don’t even slur my speech as bad as this dude does…


5 Responses to “John Madden is drunk?”

  1. Let me know if you want writing privileges over here…you got some good stuff coming in

  2. Quilly said

    Madden isn’t drunk — his mouth if full! I visulalize him spitting food all over the microphone and all his buddies ….

  3. Jason said

    I think Madden’s mouth is full of his jowls. I think his double chins and sloppy neck just drag his articulation into the mud. He’s a football genius but better in print than he is in audio.

  4. Schevus said

    I think Madden just likes to hear himself talk. His rant about getting rid of instant replay was amusing.

  5. Dianna said

    I think Madden is like a dog with a bone. He gets a hold of something and doesn’t let go. He talks about how bad a player is but neven mentions when the same person runs a block that gets a 22 yard run or blocks for the running back to get a first down. He needs to retire and let some younger news anchor take over. If your afraid to fly get out of the game already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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