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Tag Surfer Woes…

Posted by Jason on December 8, 2008

I’m thinking of unsubscribing to the “religion” tag on my tag surfer for a while. There are sooo many people talking about so much religion that I’m getting overwhelmed with it. Also, I find I really don’t like to read a lot of stuff that people have put forth on the subject within the wordpress world. Sure, I have found a few gems that really spark some pondering in my pea-sized brain, and I am grateful for that. 

Maybe it’s a problem of me not managing my expectations well, but I hoped that I would find a smorgasbord of bloggage in which people put forth thoughtful opinions that are healthily debated by those with different ideas, and it would be beautiful. I pictured a sort of tertulia or salon where ideas are tossed back and forth over virtual wine and cigar smoke…

Alas, the blogosphere oddly resembles real life, in which people have beliefs and cannot entertain different ideas, no matter how innocuous those ideas may be. I guess the blessing and the curse of blogging, especially about religion, is that so many people have access to others that they normally would never have access to. There is a reason that some Christians don’t hang out with or talk to Atheists or Muslims or Jews or whatever: they would all fight and proselytize in order to get someone who will never believe or see their point of view to do just that. It’s not all Christians, or Atheists/Agnostics, but it seems like these two groups are largely at each other’s throats in the blogosphere. 

Dozens of blogs are created just to refute a differing position. “This is why I am right and you are wrong.” Blogs that prove Jesus is real and blogs that prove He is not. I personally don’t care if you think Christianity is the Way or if it’s the biggest waste of time: I’ll talk to you if you have something interesting to talk about, regardless of your age, race, sex, religion, color, or drinking habits. I am Christian; I am a United Methodist… but if all I talk about is being a Christian, then I wouldn’t expect anyone to read this blog much less comment on it (I guess if I had a blog like that, all the die-hard Atheists would be telling me I’m naive and stupid, so maybe I would have a few comments).

So much of our thinking is wasted on trying to convince people of something, good or bad; why don’t we worry more about expanding our brains and learning new things? The blogosphere would be so much nicer, then. Wouldn’t it???


4 Responses to “Tag Surfer Woes…”

  1. I figure if I want to debate, I’ll go to some banal chat room. Or, I’ll sit down over coffee with a friend who thinks differently than I do. I look at blogs for the challenge, refreshment and the insights into other places that will peak my interest and challenge my current boxes. Of course, those are also the reasons I blog. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. Jason said

    Thanks for the comment, Jim!

    It’s good to see that there are people out there that blog for similar reasons that I do…

  3. Schevus said

    A friend of mine hosts an atheist blog which normally has more civil and interesting debate. There is the occasional bout of harsh comments, but there normally is when debating religion. You can find it here.

    – Schev

  4. Schevus said

    Also, it may sound unappealing on the surface, but the comment thread of “Notorious Villain “Religion” Strikes Again” has some good debate.

    – Schev

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