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Drug Violence in Tijuana

Posted by Jason on December 10, 2008

I know that there is this huge wave of violence that has rocked Tijuana in the past few months. There have been crazy beheadings, bodies dumped at schools, police officers shot and public officials’ families murdered. Due to the rampant corruption, President Felipe Calderón has even ordered the police to step down so the army can come in. This hasn’t quelled the violence. 

The major impetus to the recent violence has been the capture or killing of many top members of the Arellano-Felix cartel, which had retained power of the lucrative Baja California drug routes for years. Once Mexican and American governments cracked down together and ousted this group, several rival cartels and even splinter groups of the Arellano-Felix cartel have been shooting it out to gain control.

I know that innocent people are dying, but most of the people killed so far have been members of one cartel or another. Seriously, why don’t we just let them kill each other off? Why don’t we wait until one group or another gains control through murdering or bribing all the opponents, then go in and put all of our efforts into destroying the winner? I say we let them kill until they’re finished; let them all go into the bullring and duke it out gladiator-style. Last drug-runner standing wins. And then we kill that one…


One Response to “Drug Violence in Tijuana”

  1. kktucks said

    kinda like the gangs here

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