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Rainy Day in San Diego

Posted by Jason on December 15, 2008

Today is the first time it’s actually really rained here in quite a while. It’s the first real winter storm we’ve had since last winter, pretty much. Most of the time, our weather forecasters get all excited and giddy when there’s a bit of low pressure and some precipitation out in the Pacific somewhere. They say, “This is the storm of the year, going to bring some much needed rain to the region…” They inevitably cry wolf and we end up with a light sprinkle/spit all over the county, maybe with some rain in the mountains. 

Today is different. It’s been steadily raining for about 5 hours or so, and it’s damn cold by San Diego standards (that means 50 or below). There’s even snow in our local mountains. So here’s what rain actually means to me:

  • My students are insane and soaked (they haven’t figured out that it’s miserable to be cold and wet–rain is still a miracle).
  • My dog Scout will not go outside to go to the bathroom (loves the snow all 1 time he’s been in it, hates the rain).
  • Getting anywhere on the roads will take at least 2 times as long (rain =  freeway Armageddon in San Diego). 
  • I get to wear a jacket that’s more than a windbreaker.
  • What did I do with that umbrella from last year?
  • Don’t need to wash the car this year.
  • Can’t see through my glasses.
  • Maybe our plants will actually realize that summer is over.
  • Last night was the first night we’ve slept without the fan on in our bedroom.
  • Contrary to the rest of the year, the cold tile floor is actually uncomfortably cold instead of refreshing.

That’s what my life is about right now.

An interesting diversion from hot and dry.

Welcome, you wonderful wet stuff that falls from the sky!


3 Responses to “Rainy Day in San Diego”

  1. Kelli said

    I agree…this rain is such a treat! It actually feels like winter now! Can’t wait to experience real snow fall in CO.

    I think we need to take Scout and Pepper to the snow again this year. You should totally post the sledding video of Scout running behind us.


  2. I think you can stick your warm weather in your pie hole. 50? Did you say 50?

  3. lena said

    I always thought they needed to put windshield wipers on glasses. 🙂

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