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I Would’ve Done OK in the Military

Posted by Jason on December 16, 2008

I live in San Diego. It’s a military town, bigtime. Some people can’t stand that. I must admit that sometimes in bars and stuff people act like idiots, and sometimes those people are service members. But not all of them. We had a little career fair for the 8th grade students today. The ROTC group from the local high school was assigned to give talks to kids in my classroom.

I don’t really know anything about the ROTC, but it seemed like they have their own little military system within a high school setting, and this can be really cool for some of my students who are generally tough cases. You learn respect for superiors and a hierarchy; you learn that it feels great when people show you respect; you belong to something larger than yourself that isn’t a gang. Aside from all the scholarship stuff and things like that, I really think I would’ve liked ROTC had I joined it back in the day. You can do all of the other things that normal high school students do (mostly), but you have a family and a brotherhood that will help you survive life. 

That brings me to my musing for the day. What if I had joined the military or gone to one of the academies? I’d be in a lot better shape, that’s for damn sure. Would I have gotten as involved in music, or languages, or whatever? I think I could’ve done well in the military. Granted going to war would totally suck, as well as moving around a bunch. But thousands of people do it and it works for them, right? 

In high school, the general attitude was that the military was for idiots. If you’re not going to college or if you’re an ROTC nerd, that’s what you do. I don’t think that so much any more. Wouldn’t you want as many smart people as possible involved in protecting the country and its interests? I’m fairly certain that the military is not a waste of anyone’s intelligence anymore. I think I would’ve enjoyed it, once I got over all the difficult stuff. Sometimes I envy the brotherhood that I think military people seem to share…


2 Responses to “I Would’ve Done OK in the Military”

  1. Schevus said

    Unfortunately the military is disproportionately made up of “less intelligent” people. Depending on what you chose to do in the military you could have become involved in music or language. I know several linguists, and from what I’ve seen it’s a pretty sweet gig being in one of the many Air Force bands.

    – Schev

  2. Steve said

    Great Post. I have 2 BAs and a MBA, I am a former marine from San Diego, and a future Army Officer. I can tell you that for a fact people are smarter than your average bear in the service. The people that make the big bucks in the civilian world are the managers that drive the workforce. that is exactly what the service does. From the lowly private to the Generals, they are experts in multitasking, project management, and managers.

    You still can join!

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