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Weighing in on the Rick Warren Pick…

Posted by Jason on December 18, 2008

Seriously people… the guy is saying a damn prayer. It’s not as if Obama is selecting this dude to do anything important. Anyone remember who G.W. picked to say his prayer off the top of your head? Of course not. Why?


Everyone is reading way too much into this. Dems are all up in arms and Republicans are thrilled. Heaven forbid Obama does something that isn’t along party lines. Maybe we picked the wrong guy for president, since a churchman he wanted to say a prayer doesn’t like gays and hates abortion. So many crazy liberals see this as a giant betrayal. Guess what? Obama is still going to be the president, and your opinion doesn’t really matter one bit anymore.

You’ve spoken with your vote, now shut up and let the man do his job. I don’t really care who gives the opening prayer. It doesn’t have anything to do with policy or anything. Maybe Obama actually did something that can bring some of his opponents to respect him more? You know, like working across the aisle, showing some graciousness in whooping John McCain’s ass? People say they’re tired of politics as usual and the partisan crap that goes on in Washington. But the second that someone does anything outside the red and blue box, the nation is up in arms.

You asked for it, people. Now let Obama be the president…


2 Responses to “Weighing in on the Rick Warren Pick…”

  1. Rach said


  2. Nick said

    I think that if you’re assuming that Obama is going to be advancing the Gay Marriage issue, then this is the wake up call. Obama is very much a centrist, and while I doubt he’d allow legislation through that would hinder it, I don’t think he’ll be pushing for it. The country has larger issues at the moment, and while I know the economic argument about allowing same sex couples to marry, there’s just too much political backlash for a first term president that needs to use all his power to help with war and the economy [jobs and energy].

    As for Rick Warren, the man is doubtlessly polarizing, but you make a very good point that it’s just the prayer. Additionally, I’d like to point out that it’s an example of reaching across the aisle, something this country desperately need to accept.

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