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Pay It Forward

Posted by Jason on December 23, 2008

I went to the nursery the other day to pick up a bag of worms for wifey’s worm compost bin. I poked around some of the bonsai plants just to see what they had, and then I went to pick up my $15 bag of worms. The manager of the nursery started to ring me up and then just said, “Eh, you’re all set. Merry Christmas. Pass it on.” 


“Yeah, pay it forward.”

“Wow, thanks a bunch. I will pass it on! Merry Christmas!”

And that was it. I got a $15 bag of worms for free. Now I’m going to pass it on somehow. I’m not quite sure how. I did help some friends of ours move for like 11 hours yesterday. But that’s pretty much what friends do for each other. I think it would be a cop out to count that as my paying it forward. Maybe I should just keep doing nice things and not worry about when I’m paid up or not. That sounds like a better plan.

I got to thinking this morning about this whole thing, and I don’t do religious pondering very often on my own, but this whole pay it forward business really encapsulates my views on faith, works, and grace. The nursery lady was ridiculously nice to me for no good reason, and now I’m looking to do good stuff for other people (in addition to continuing my patronage of her nursery) purely out of gratitude for the good thing that was done for me. The gift of grace, given by God through Jesus Christ, was ours when we really didn’t -and still don’t, in my case- deserve it one bit. When we act in accordance with Jesus’ teachings, it’s out of gratitude for that gift of grace. Faith comes in because we believe that this wondrous gift has been given to the world, which includes us. 

Now I know this isn’t fleshed out and it’s not theologically perfect, but the free bag of worms provides a nice little illustration of what I truly believe, in a concise little way.

Merry Christmas, and do something nice for somebody else!


One Response to “Pay It Forward”

  1. $15 extra bucks for the strip club? Pay it forward man!

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