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Silly Stuff People Say in Prayers…

Posted by Jason on January 7, 2009

Do you ever notice people’s linguistic idiosyncrasies when they offer an extemporaneous prayer for a group? I love to listen to what people say when they pray. Maybe since I’m not big on prayer myself, listening to silly ways people talk to God helps to keep me focused during someone else’s prayer. Here are some of my favorites, with commentary:

  • “Dear God…” What, are you writing a letter out loud or something? Is Jesus your diary? Do you have to let God and others know that He is dear to you?
  • “We just…” I like to think of this as “Jesus Wejus” because that’s what it comes out sounding like a lot of times. In addition to the funny sound of this, people use the word “just” for way too many things. “We just want your peace to come over us…” or whatever. As if the only thing that we wanted was that. “We just love you so much…” It sounds silly, especially when you start out every sentence with “We just…” for an entire prayer.
  • “Lord, we know you love us Lord and Lord, we thank you so much Lord for…” It’s not like anyone has forgotten that we are talking to God, right? Did God forget His name? Is He some sort of inattentive child that needs you to constantly say His name over and over to get Him to pay attention? It doesn’t have to be Lord; it could be God or Jesus or Lord Jesus or Lord God or whatever. 
  • “You are holy.” NO $%IT!!! Of course He knows that!
  • “Dearest, most precious, loving, holy, awesome, wonderful Lord…” Really? Ease up on the adjectives, people.
  • “Be with us, today.” In Matthew 18:20, Jesus says “…because where two or three have come together in my name, I am there among them.” Cross that off the list of supplications then, I guess…

So these are just a few things people say in prayers that seem silly to me. Don’t worry if you do this when you pray: I’m not calling you an idiot or anything. I rather enjoy it, to tell you the truth. I know that a lot of these little things are verbal placeholders, kind of like “Um” or “Like” or “Uh”, but it really does help me stay focused when someone offers up a prayer. For me, the best way to get rolling with a prayer is, “Our Father, who art in heaven…” Jesus says keep it simple 😉

Leave comments if you think I’m a jerk and a horrible Christian, or if you have any more to add to my list.


4 Responses to “Silly Stuff People Say in Prayers…”

  1. Lex said

    Love it. The “just” thing made me laugh ’cause I completely agree. And I’m in student ministry, so I hear it ALL the time.

    Totally hear you on the last one too: praying for things we don’t need to pray for. OMG. In a similar vein is asking God to do things that He told us to do. “God, please help our church with it’s finances …” and God raises a precious, loving, holy, awesome eyebrow ’cause you don’t even give 10% half of the time.

    Good stuff. 🙂

  2. Jason said

    Yes! “Dear God, please do this and that for me because I’m too lame and lazy to do it for myself…” Thanks for the addition, Lex…

  3. layrenewal said

    I think we need more silent prayers…

  4. Brad said

    I like the “You are holy” one, and the “Lord, we know you love us Lord and Lord, we thank you so much Lord for…” 😛

    Kinda like stating the obvious, isn’t it 😀

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