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Poll: What Kind of Christian Are You?

Posted by Jason on January 8, 2009

I know there’s a million types of quizzes that can show you your spiritual leanings or what religion/denomination you should be. I’d like to offer a chance for self-reflection here. John Wesley talks about our relationships with God being a balance of four areas of our life. It’s been dubbed the Wesleyan Quadrilateral by many a theologian. The four things, according to Wesley, that make up a spiritual relationship are Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience.

Now, I tend to have a pretty cerebral view of religious things, and I’m real big on grazing on ideas, no matter if they oppose my own beliefs, in my head or with friends. I don’t really care for the Christianity that is all about feelings of blessedness,etc. (experience), or all about infallible scripture. Obviously, my strongest side in the quadrilateral would be the Reason side. 

If you had to pick the most important thing to you and your faith, would it be 

Scripture, Tradition, Reason, or Experience?


9 Responses to “Poll: What Kind of Christian Are You?”

  1. I prefer the TBOM penta-lateral in peggin the religious tradition:

    1. Scripture
    2. Tradition
    3. Reason
    4. Experience
    5. What congregation has the hottest chicks

  2. layrenewal said

    TBOM – I wonder how Wesley would reply to you? Hopefully he would laugh as hard as I did!!

    I’m a Scripture followed by Reason guy – probably no surprise there.

  3. kktucks said

    seeing as how Wesley, while in America, pursued a hot chick who was already spoken for, I’m sure he would laugh…at least on the inside 😉

  4. Jason said

    Once again, the comments are much better than the original message! Thanks to all!

  5. TBOM – I wonder how Wesley would reply to you? Hopefully he would laugh as hard as I did!!

    He would unfortunately have to renounce his “method” because anyone who goes trolling for women in the pews is definitely not sanctified…

  6. tree63fan said

    Hey, better than trolling for women in a bar!
    I’m a scripture guy, since without the scriptures we would not know Jesus…at least not in the way we do now.

  7. Rickr0ll said

    To quote another big gun in the youtube world, JohnLArmstrong:

    *Tosses Bible aside unceremoniously* “May God’e gift of Reason Right our way.”

    By the way Jason, you have officially found yourslef a concern troll 😉 Kidding of course. Great blog, hope to see you around!

  8. Jason said

    Remember, I’m not saying that Reason is the only thing. Surely if one relied only on reason and rationality, he or she would not be a Christian for lack of proof, blah blah blah. I do try to adhere to the Wesleyan principle of balance between all these influences, but my brain generally leans toward a more intellectual understanding of Christ and Scripture.

    If we only relied on Scripture and followed it to the letter, we Christians would not be able to eat bacon and we would still stone unfaithful women to death.

    If we only relied on our feelings or experience of Christ, we would have a rampantly individualistic (even more so than now) church society in which people invented their own religion based on their feelings.

    If we only relied on Tradition, everything would be done just because that’s how people have always done it, with no regard for anything to guide our understandings other than those who have come before us.

    There must be a balance, but I think it’s impossible to be completely in the center with no leanings toward one side or another. I tend to like the intellectual side of things, and that’s what I would pick if I had to pick one. You all would pick other things, no biggie. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Rickr0ll said

    “we would still stone unfaithful women to death.”
    And rebelious youths, don’t forget that.

    Traditions are nice, they give a cultural identity to a person, but they can easily become mere token gestures, and have.

    Feeling can betray us. Mother Teresa, for example.

    I relied strongly on my feelings and my rationality, and that is the main reason for my atheism. It’a a bit of a story… I talk about it on Morsec0de’s about page somewhat.

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