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Israel vs. Palestine

Posted by Jason on January 14, 2009

I’m pretty sure that very few of us Americans actually know enough about what’s happening there and what has happened there to actually have valid points to put forth in public. I was talking with wifey last night and we both realized we totally don’t know enough about this stuff. Even listening to NPR and reading several newspapers on a daily basis does not give me adequate confidence in my knowledge of the subject and the conflict’s history.

I consider myself fairly intelligent; you may not, but that’s fine. It boggles my mind that people can claim enough knowledge to put forth blog posts that say, the U.S. should do this or Israel should stop that or Hamas is the devil because of something else. Also, there is the entire question of blame. Who’s to blame for starting the war? Who should end it? Why does nobody abide by the powerless U.N. anymore?

Conspiracy theories abound, hatred of one side or the other flows freely, people vilifying the intentions of world leaders whom they’ve never met… this is the great new intelligence that is supposed to be our world’s new think tank? I’m not buying it. It seems the blogosphere is more a giant electronic soapbox than anything else that might even resemble collaboration and exchange of ideas.

As for Israel and Palestine, I say let them duke it out. Let them acquire weapons from anyone they want, as long as no foreign soldiers enter the conflict. Make the only restriction that no one be allowed to use nuclear weapons. Civilians may come and go as they please. 

Have at it, kids. May the most violent and bestial religion win!


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