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Creating Original, Timeless Blog Content

Posted by Jason on February 18, 2009

Before I started writing this blog, I read several posts about how to create a successful blog, etc. One thing that hit me then was the need to create original, relevant content. If you merely comment on stuff that happened in the news yesterday, your blog is bound to be forgotten and the only way to keep up your number of hits which, if your blog is anything like mine, isn’t a very large number.

I used to post every day or maybe even multiple times per day, but since the beginning of the year I haven’t really been feeling it too much. Granted my big blogging frenzy only lasted about 2 and a half months, but I think there’s been a change in my ideas about blogging philosophy. It’s hasn’t really been nagging me: I’m not distraught over my lack of bloggage lately. But I did realize that my past blogging has really not been too much of the original, timeless type of writing. I have some things that are meant to be educational and truly not just current events, but not nearly enough of them.

I’ve been in a vicious cycle of reactionary writing. I tended to read many blogs throughout the wordpress world in which the authors write about stuff that they’ve read on someone else’s blog, which was written in response to something else, and so on and so on. 

It’s very difficult to come up with things that you think someone might want to read on a regular basis. It’s far easier to read a bunch of blogs and comment and write your blog in response to what other people are writing. That’s why there’s billions of blogs out there that are really quite lame and uninteresting to read. People find it very difficult to come up with original ideas, but find it very easy to regurgitate or repudiate what they find in elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Now, does that mean I have the answer to writing great blog content that is relevant, yet timeless? Obviously not because I’m still working a full-time job and not getting a penny for my thoughts. So how about this? I challenge all two of you that faithfully read this blog to hold me accountable to not write crap that no one will care about tomorrow or next week. Let’s all try to write good stuff that someone might actually want to read at least two weeks past the date of publishing!


2 Responses to “Creating Original, Timeless Blog Content”

  1. Michael said

    I also enjoy writing on ideas I think important to someone who will read it someday. I also do not make anything from my blog, have a full time job, etc.

    Just like you I used to worry about numbers, etc, and share your frustration about the state of many blogs commenting on comments from comments.

    I am under the impression that to have a fast growing popular blog, blogs need to be approached as a business and not as writing on topics we may enjoy. I decided that was not for me, and I would write about topics and read blogs that interested me, and stay away from topic oriented blogs unless they served my needs.

    I think it is reaffirming you read you have decided to keep yours real.


  2. dmonk said

    I struggle with the question, “What should my blog be?”

    The truth is that it serves several purposes: (i) it is a journal of sorts where I can get my thoughts down on “paper” and come back and review them from time to time; (ii) it is a place where I exhibit some of my inner self in the hopes that I can connect with others; and (iii) for better-or-worse, it is a place where I often hope to get my ego stroked by attracting readers and comments.

    Every now and then I have to sit back and decide which of these purposes should drive my blogging. When I think about it the most important thing is that my blog be a tool to help me grow. If it helps, entertains, or connects with others that is a great bonus. But mostly it needs to be a place where I can explore my inner self, grow as a person, and make myself available to God.

    Thanks for the stimulating topic!

    + D-Monk

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