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It’s been a while…

Posted by Jason on April 15, 2010

Yes, it’s been over a year since I last posted. Not that anyone reads this anymore, but here’s some updates just in case.

  • Bonsai trees have come and gone.
  • I’m still working at the same school teaching music, but I might become a cop pretty soon.
  • I’ve been enjoying playing second fiddle (guitar, actually) for a flamenco dance class on Monday nights.
  • I decided to not be so fat anymore and joined an MMA gym.
  • I’ve lost about 25 pounds at said gym, doing mostly Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I love it.
  • Wifey and I went to Spain for a week and a half.
  • Wifey’s sister and brother-in-law had their first baby boy and he’s amazing.
  • I’m most likely receiving a teaching grant from the local bonsai club to learn from the masters in the club so that eventually I can teach newbies to mutilate trees in the name of art 😉

That might be about it, I think. Maybe I’ll start posting again, but maybe not. Give me some love if you have any questions/comments on my life’s work this past year.



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