chewing ideas down to stubble, then moving on…

About me

I’m Jason, and welcome to my world. I graduated in 2005 from a west coast private Christian university with a double major in Music and Spanish. I currently teach middle school music in a pretty ghetto, mostly Latino neighborhood. I’ve been married since March 2007, and life is great!

Hobbies: Herding sheep with our dogs, bonsai, craft beer, reading, playing classical/flamenco guitar, licensed commercial pyrotechnics, California native plants, anything having to do with Latin American/Spanish/Chicano issues…


11 Responses to “About me”

  1. alright, your story is posted. Stop by and give it some love


  2. I like the title and subtitle of your blog. Much more compelling than the usual.

  3. Jason…I just got back from a business trip and realized that you have two pending stories. Are you able to post them directly out or do they go in a que? I am still trying to figure out the dashboard on permissions. Let me know how it worked for you

  4. Nick said

    Hey Jason, glad you like my blog, yours is pretty interesting as well. Good luck with the students! I’ll drop in from time to time, keep up the good posts.
    ~Nick http://coffeemusing.wordpress.com/

  5. where ya been bro? Place just ain’t the same without you…

  6. Jason said

    Been busy…now I’m on xmas break I’ll have some good stuff coming around!

  7. serious question for you. I am fairly new to classical music. My favorite symphonies right now are Tchaikovsky’s 5th and 6th, Beethoven’s 7th, Dvorzak’s 9th, a little Sibelius (Karelia Suite)…but am not sure what to try next. I think I like the grand cinemagraphic type pieces. Any recommendations? Tried Mahler…hate Mahler…

  8. Jason said

    You know, I’m a big classical guitar guy. One of the giant pieces for guitar and orchestra is Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo. The two outer movements are ok, but the middle movement (Adagio) is to die for. Totally grand and cinematic. Rodrigo composed the movement after he found out his wife was near death after having a stillborn child. It gives me chills just writing about it.

    Also Adagio for strings by Samuel Barber is pretty good. Not bombastic, but dramatic.

  9. Jason…I have both in my collection already, and you are right, great pieces. You can’t help but imagine the helicopter scene from Platoon when you here Barber.

  10. michael said

    Hello Jason,

    My name is Michael and I’m a fellow WordPress.com blogger.

    A couple of days ago, while doing some random searching across the web, I came across a blog on Blogger.com – I also discovered that the author had “re-posted” one of my fiancee’s poems and was trying to pass it off as his own writing.

    After doing some additional checking, I discovered that almost all of the written content on that site had been “cut and pasted” verbatim from other bloggers. Your post: “Weighing in on the Rick Warren Pick” was one of them.

    I don’t know if you gave permission for that person to “re-post” your writing, but in the event that you did not, I wanted to make you aware of the situation.

    You can see the “re-post” at: http://peeling-back-layers.blogspot.com/2008/12/weighing-in-on-rick-warren-pick.html

    Best Regards,

    – michael –

  11. Jason said

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t given any permission, so I’ll check this person out and see if there is anything that can be done. Have you contacted the “author” of the site?

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